No studios, No stagings, and No photography sessions. Contact WissahickonDog Photography to capture real, personal moments of you and your loved ones. 

Your family, your pets.

Your home, your projects.

Your work and your travels.

Intimate and cinematic images professionally taken. Whether it's a close-up of your child's smile when she wakes up and sees you, or the blur of wagging tails as you run through the Wissahickon. Or the morning dew in your newly landscaped garden in panorama, or the fleeting reflection of your lover in the bedroom mirror--in richly toned black and white.

Moments that are uniquely important to you and your loved ones--the truly special moments (not just special occasions)--that's real, without artificiality, or unnecessary hoopla. Portraits that aren't posed and architectural photos that show more than fine details. Photos of pets that aren't in baskets or wearing costumes (unless your pets insist!).

I've accompanied families on annual vacations and watched children grow, chronicled long-term projects from concept to construction. Most importantly, I've had the pleasure and fun of photographing special moments of people's lives. 

So if you're looking for someone to take real, personal moments without studios, stagings, or artificial photo "sessions," contact WissahickonDog Photography. 



Photographer, WissahickonDog Photography



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